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JINJAZZ@CultuurOpDeCampus - Tommy Moustache

dinsdag 24 feb 2015

CultuurCafé Mercatorpad 1 Nijmegen

JINJAZZ@CultuurOpDeCampus - Tommy Moustache

Tommy Moustache

We proudly present the Rotterdam-based, alternative jazz group, Tommy Moustache. You know you can trust guys who appreciate the importance of good facial hair, but it’s not just their moustaches that create a compelling reason to trade the library for the CultuurCafé! With their experimental mix of jazz, blues, rock and classical, topped off with a fat dose of humour and guts, these guys are sure to put on an exciting performance. Warning: not for the faint-hearted. Their show might leave you slightly dazzled and disoriented.


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