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JINJAZZ@LUX - Tingvall Trio

maandag 17 nov 2014

LUX Mariënburg 38-39 Nijmegen

JINJAZZ@LUX - Tingvall Trio

Tingvall Trio

Over the last two years the Tingvall Trio has played itself straight to the top of young European Jazz ensembles, groups with no fear of presenting Jazz while making contact with the tools of Pop music. The result is that the Tingvall Trio is winning over a completely new listening audience for Jazz. Having grown beyond the Jazz scene in Hamburg with “Skagerrak”, their debut in 2006, the follow-up album in 2007, “Norr”, allowed them to reach for the stars in Germany. The international breakthrough came at last with “Vattensaga” in 2009, and not only because the ensemble received an ECHO JAZZ award in 2010 as “Best German Jazz Ensemble”: The ceremonies were followed by countless appearances ranging from Madrid to Moscow, Amsterdam to Zurich, and even Dubai. Tingvall Trio delighted the crowds at renowned festivals in Berlin, Stockholm and Warsaw, then ‘tripped the lights fantastic’ on a 14-day tour across Spain. The spring of 2011 saw the trio onstage at South Africa’s major concert halls in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Compared many a time with the legendary E.S.T. due to the exuberant energy and clarity of their music, first and foremost it’s the breathtaking ensemble work with which pianist Martin Tingvall sets off time and again on rollercoaster rides between poetry and party together with the unstoppable rhythm section comprised of bass player Omar Rodriguez Calvo and drummer Jürgen Spiegel. “With the well-oiled Formula One engine of a Ferrari” (Finance Week, South Africa), Martin Tingvall continues to be responsible for all of the trio’s compositions. Melodies so beautiful that they would be hard to trust if they weren’t so disarmingly authentic alternate with eruptive flashes of energy in which Jazz and Rock are cheerily blended. Unlike E.S.T., the distinctive factor is that TT makes exclusive use of acoustic means to create an unmistakeable sound all their own. Music by the Tingvall Trio generates images almost instantaneously, regardless of whether it’s Scandinavian landscapes shrouded in fog, waves crashing in the surf or lifelike character studies.

“VÄGEN” (‘The Way’), the new album, retraces the trio’s impressions on the way taken over the last few years. For example,“Sevilla”, the opening track, took birth on the extended tour of Spain in 2010, and “Shejk Schröder” (‘Schröder the Sheik’) could easily provide the backdrop for a camel race. The title tune, “Vägen” is one of those compositions where you literally hear the stardust swirl, offering space for reflection and looking inward at what was, what is and what just might come to pass. The emotions driven equally strongly by “Den Ensamme Mannen” (‘The Lonely Man’), for instance, were set to music after reading a novel by Swedish bestseller Hakan Nesser, and with the hymnal “Efter Livet” (‘After Life’) Martin Tingvall outlines a different path that each of us will have to take when the time comes.

Link: http://tingvall-trio.de

Muziekvoorbeelden: http://tingvall-trio.de/beat

Martin Tingvall (piano)
Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bas)
Jürgen Spiegel (drums)


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