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JINJAZZ@CultuurOpDeCampus - JIN - Cultuur op de Campus - Teus Nobel Liquid Music Quintet

dinsdag 21 jan 2014

CultuurCafé Mercatorpad 1 Nijmegen

JINJAZZ@CultuurOpDeCampus - JIN - Cultuur op de Campus - Teus Nobel Liquid Music Quintet

Teus Nobel Liquid Music Quintet

“De band is goed ingespeeld, strak en dynamisch, met mooie melodische en ritmische thema’s. Een interessante nieuwe groep” – 
“Fris en eigenzinnig klinkend kwintet” - PAROOL ***
“Hij smelt zijn rijke fantasie in intelligent uitgewerkte arrangementen. Samen met zijn fantastische band leveren zij nummers af die soms rockend, dan weer jazzy klinken. Er is snelheid, abstractie
en scherptediepte”
 – MPODIA.nl
“Virtuoze jazzmuziek uitgevoerd door een uitstekende muzikant met een geoliede band” - (Plato) MANIA
“Flow is een vakkundige samenvatting van veertig jaar fusion” - REVOLVER’s LUST FOR LIVE

The Musicians

Teus Nobel (trumpet) - Jerome Hol (guitar) - Daan Herweg (keyboard) - Hugo den Oudsten (bass) - Salle de Jonge (drums)

Teus Nobel is the trumpet soloist at the dutch Royal Airforce Orchestra and has been freelancing with a.o. Black Gold 360, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Monsieur Dubois, Sven Hammond Soul and Caro Emerald.
Guitar-player Jerome Hol plays with his own trio and as a wingman in bands of a.o. Michiel Borstlap, Michael Varekamp and Cry Baby w/ Dick de Graaff.
Keys-player Daan Herweg is performing with Quincey, Finn Silver and his own trio and played/arranged/composed for dutch well-known acts like Caro Emerald and Pete Philly & Perquisite for years.
Bass-player Hugo den Oudsten played with numerous international jazz greats of our time. His recent bands include Scallymatic Orchestra and Rubel Heijn.
Drummer Salle de Jonge plays with a.o. hammond trio Leslie Nielsen and has been performing with Scallymatic Orchestra, Kim Hoorweg, Shirma Rousse, Wouter Hamel and many more.

Teus Nobel

Teus Nobel

Being surrounded by family members playing musical instruments, there was no doubt Teus Nobel (1982) was eventually gonna play one. At the age of 9, still unable to play his fathers trombone, they gave him a trumpet to start off with. Which he never let go ever since...

Being only 17 years old, he auditioned at the Rotterdam School of Arts, who accepted him in their conservatory classical program. After one year, the feeling something was missing couldn't be ignored any longer and Teus combined his second year of classical music with both the school's conductors program (first year) as their pre-conservatory program for jazz music, in search of his musical calling. Under the wings of dutch trumpet legend Jarmo Hoogendijk, Teus finally found his freedom in music and switched to jazz music completely.

Already during his conservatory study, Teus found his way in the professional music scene. He toured all across Europe with the Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation (festivals in a.o. Berlin, Warsow, Milan, Prague, Boudapest, St. Petersburg and Moscow) and started playing theater shows for V&V-Entertainment (Annie, Grease, Fame, Assepoester), working with a.o. Jamai, Jos Brink, Willeke Alberti, Do and Jim Bakkum.
In the following years he added well-known acts like Caro Emerald, Wicked Jazz Sounds, The Kyteman Orchestra, Monsieur Dubois and Sven Hammond Soul and numerous big theater productions (Hairspray, Wicked, Saturday Night Fever) to his resume.

The shareware-album "LM6iX" (2010) of dirty electronic jazz ensemble Black Gold 360 really proved Teus' versatility. With countless different 'colors of sound', he truly put his mark on the album which received praising international reviews and was downloaded over 60.000 times.

January 2010, Teus won the audition for trumpet-soloist at the dutch Royal Airforce Orchestra. Together with the legendary Metropole Orchestra, the Royal Airforce Orchestra is the only fulltime jazz- and pop orchestra of the Netherlands. He is still a member of this orchestra, playing concerts with artists like Lee Towers, Ellen ten Damme, Birgit Schuurman and Hind.

At the moment, Teus is launching his first solo album "FLOW", which consists of own compositions created to find balance on the flow between comfort zone and the unknown. With a unique combination of musical characters and influences in his band (Liquid Music Quintet), something truly valuable is created on stage, night after night... He is a member of the band of singer Qeaux Qeaux Joans, founder of horn-section Capital Horns, co-writer of the trumpet method HELLO TRUMPET and still freelancing his but off!


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