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JINJAZZ@LUX - Marnix Busstra Band

woensdag 15 jan 2014

LUX Mariënburg 38-39 Nijmegen

JINJAZZ@LUX - Marnix Busstra Band

Marnix Busstra Band (foto: Rob Sloot)

The Marnix Busstra Band was founded in 2011 by its name giver, Dutch guitarist and composer Marnix Busstra. Joined by piano talent Rembrandt Frerichs, the ever creative Arnold Dooyeweerd on double bass and the inspirational force of drummer Pieter Bast, Busstra introduces a unique band that will definitely help broaden the jazz horizon.

Marnix’ compositions are the starting point of the band. He’s been writing music for various bands for years, including his own Buzz Bros Band (“a band with an almost magical power”, said Living) and the band that induced his international break-through, the Mike Mainieri/Marnix Busstra Quartet, on which Jazz Inside Magazine said: “The group you hear on this album and the compositions they play through are world-class. This is music for music’s sake and you can hear that they are coming from a deep and humble place.”

Musically, this band is a continuation of a development started by the quartet that Marnix co-leads with the renowned vibraphonist, Mike Mainieri. The result can best be described as lyrical, multifacetted jazz that centers around a profound interplay of the four musicians. The compositions vary from melodic and intimate, to exuberant and witty, to emotional and strained – and vice versa. And while all members of the band are virtuoso musicians, they will only use their instrumental abilities to strive for magic. Musical magic.

The first album of the band, 'Sync Dreams' , is released by BuzzMusic Records in 2013, and received amazing reviews - as mwe3's Robert Stevenson wrote: "Sync Dreams is one of the most accomplished guitar-centric jazz CD releases of 2013."


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