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JINJAZZ@LUX - 1000 – Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher

woensdag 06 feb 2013

LUX Mariënburg 38-39 Nijmegen

JINJAZZ@LUX - 1000 – Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher

This band is called 1000, because it was born during a series of concerts titled ‘1000 years of jazz’, plus, I000 is a strong number and as digital as can be.


Jan Klare - reeds
Bart Maris - trumpet
Wilbert de Joode - bass
Michael Vatcher - drums

The quartet’s line up has various roots. Wilbert de Joode and Jan Klare have worked together since the early 90s in different aggregations, most notably the Anglo/Dutch/German four-piece EUREKA, that existed from 1994-98, in which Michael Vatcher was a periodic featured guest. Out of a larger group, commissioned by the Münster Jazz Festival in 1997, the trio Klare/de Joode/Vatcher developed. Bart Maris and Klare met at various festivals in Belgium and Germany. They quickly discovered a natural empathy and resolved to find time to put a band together.
The basic repertoire of ‘1000’ comprised interpretations of classical compositions to begin with - Gregorian chant, Bach, Wagner, Monteverdi... Then Klare began writing pieces that concentrated on the special characters in the group, blurring the lines between composition and improvisation. Structure is maintained while the instruments constantly shift between leading and accompanying roles.


Saxophonist Jan Klare lived in Düsseldorf from ´79 to ´87. 1987 he went to London, where he worked with Harry Beckett, Ricardo Santos amongst others. In 1990 he moved to the netherlands and then again germany and was involved in a large number of bands and productions in all genres. His most important band is “Das Böse Ding“, which has released 5 CD´s and is well active on the european scene.
Bart Maris plays trumpet. It would be impossible to give a list of bands he is in or plays with, as he seems to be on nearly every Belgian CD released in the last couple of years. He was one of the original members of X-Legged Sally, and also of Think Of One before he quit that band in 2003 to put all of his energy in Flat Earth Society. He is also a member of Jaune Toujours, a Brussels folk band with his brother Piet Maris on vocals and accordeon and has worked with people as Fred Frith.
Wilbert de Joode is a veritable research scientist of bass pizzicato and bowing techniques. A self-taught musician, he has been playing the double-bass since1982. His idiosyncratic style was soon noticed and he came into contact with such musicians as J.C.Tans en Rinus Groeneveld, Michiel Braam, Han Bennink en Han Buhrs (Schismatics). de Joode is currently one of the most active bass players on the Dutch improvised music circuit.
Percussionist Michael Vatcher has been based in Amsterdam since 1977, working in Europe over ten years with musicians and ensembles such as Available Jelly, the band The Ex, Frankie Douglas Sunchild, Roof; and Michael Moore based bands. Other musicians he has worked with include John Zorn, Simon Nabatov, Ernst Rijseger. Michael is artistic director for the music element of the Improvisation Festival Frascati in Amsterdam. verleiht. Tobias Böcker, Jazzpodium 12/09

Sound + Video


Prepost (Youtube)

Bop BIM (Youtube)

Kurtag (Youtube)

Jan Klare's 1000 (Youtube)


One finely balanced and continually surprising ensemble. Definitely recommended. Stuart Kremsky, Cadence Simply stated, this outing looms as a top-ten entry, regardless of stylizations or various jazz genres. Jazz Review, Glenn Astarita 1000 is/are a consistently interesting quartet that keep evolving and getting better with each release. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Mit hoher Virtuosität, überraschenden Wendungen und intensiv gepflegter Kommunikationskultur bewegen sich die vier Musiker in wohl durchdachten Strukturen, wobei der stete, oft im fließenden Übergang vollzogene Wechsel des Hervortretens einzelner Stimmen dem Miteinander einen ganz besonderen Reiz verleiht.
Tobias Böcker, Jazzpodium 12/09

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